Ro Collection is a Danish design company deeply rooted in the love of craftsmanship, quality and beauty. 

Creating objects of design and craft in a professional and sensual manner, the collection includes of minimalist yet distinctive tableware and unique objects adhering to Nordic aesthetics and unique way of life. Rebecca Uth, the creative director of Ro Collection, and a designer herself, regularly collaborates with the other designers who contribute to the collection.

The Ro Collection of tableware is a series created with Japanese aesthetics and Danish functionality. Its organic triangular form is characteristic and signature for Ro Collection ceramics and are made by artisans in Portugal with a long heritage in pottery making.

Always designed from scratch, Ro Collection firmly believes in good quality, in well-crafted and long-lasting products made with raw materials. Convinced that when one loves their objects, one would take better care of them, Ro Collection high quality products ages with beauty and lasts for generations.